40 Year Mortgage Calculator: Being A Proactive Loaner

If you are paying for a mortgage or planning to get one, it is fairly important that you know the dues you are or you’ll be paying for. If you have either a 30 or 40 year mortgage, you should know how much monthly payments you will need to do for the span of the loan. By doing your own computation, you may be able to know firsthand the details of the loan. Through this, you may also be able to know how much monthly interest goes to your payments and the like.

Most people would tend to avoid doing manual calculations. Hence, they try to look for online calculators that would do the job for them. These online tools are pretty much accurate and specific, that is why there are specialized 30 or 40 year mortgage calculator that are offered for those who have these type of loans.

Even though it’s automated and will do the calculations automatically, this does not mean you won’t be taking any part on the process. You would need to input the data yourself, e.g. the loan interest rate, number of years, etc., on the fields provided on the calculator. Ensure that you put in the correct data on the appropriate fields or else you won’t be able to get the correct results.  However, in the case you can’t get online or have no any other means to, you can still do your calculation manually without using a 40 year mortgage calculator.

Once you are done with the calculations, you should obtain a copy of your mortgage contract or a mortgage report from the company who provided you the loan. Try to compare the figures present in the report with your own calculation. If there are any discrepancies in their report and yours, don’t hesitate to call up your loan officer and consult about the problem. They may have other charges or taxes incorporated in their report that isn’t part of your computation. Moreover, assuming that your computations are correct, the important thing would be to responsibly pay your dues on time to avoid surcharges and penalties.

Federal Direct Subsidized Loan: Who Are Eligible?

Getting loans to pay for higher education is not something new. There are lots of student loans and financial aid offered by the government, banks, and other educational and financial institutions nowadays. Nonetheless, the question is, Are you familiar with Federal Direct Subsidized loans? Who are eligible to apply for these loans? And, how much can you borrow in direct subsidized loans?

who are eligible for federal direct subsidized loans?

who are eligible for federal direct subsidized loans?

Unlike other student loans and financial aids, federal direct subsidized loans are offered on as-needed base. While the student is still studying, the federal government shoulders for the payment of all the interest of the direct loan. However, the student should be enrolled in school with no less than half-time and for the period of the 6 months grace period.

In able to be eligible for these loans, one must first meet the requirements for federal financial aid as indicated under the PELL grant. As there are different types of PELL grants, make sure you fulfill the right requirements for the grant that you’re applying for.

Another thing that would deem you eligible for the loan is that you must validate your financial need for the loan. To do this, the EFC, together with the loan amount, plus any other financial aid you are availing (if there are any) sums up to less than your cost of attendance.

The amount of money that you can borrow from the direct subsidized loan depends on the academic level. For first year (fewer than 30 credits earned), the maximum loan is up to $3,500 annually. For second year (30 or more credits earned), $4,500 is the annual maximum loan. All in all, the undergraduate aggregate maximum should not be greater than $23,000. These apply for both dependent and independent students. Wherein, dependent students are those students who have their parents paying the loan for them.

For more information on applying for a federal direct subsidized loan, you may visit their website at www.studentaid.ed.gov.

Credit Card Payoff Calculators: Planning Yourself to be Debt-Free

It’s not easy to be in debt, Let alone credit card debt. According to financial experts, the most successful way to get out of credit card debt is to create a plan or strategy for paying it off. It may sound like a tedious work but it’s not as complicated as it should be. Nowadays, there are credit card payoff calculators that can easily assist you for your computations for the payment of your debt, and be debt-free once again.

In the past, computations can be a tough job especially if you’re doing it manually with a typical calculator or scientific one. Fortunately, credit card payoff calculators are now available and are easily accessible online.

Foremost, the things you need to have in able to begin your computation are your latest credit card statements- which are significant in determining your current balance as well as its interest rate, and of course, an Internet connection which will enable you to access the online credit card payoff calculators.

Once you have these materials/requirements, open up your browser and go to a search engine of your preference and search for online credit card payoff calculators. They won’t be too hard to find since most financial institutions and banks offer this type of service or functionality in their websites.

When you find one that you like, you just have to input your credit information into the calculator on their correct fields- don’t worry if you’re not familiar with them, there would likely be labels on this fields to help you out and filling  the right data. Once you’re done with the input, just click calculate to obtain the information you need on how long it would take to pay off your credit card/s.

If the numbers of years that are reflected on the result is not pretty, don’t fret about it. On this part, you can actually change the values that you have to pay for each month, as well as the interest rate that goes with it. The bigger the amount you put in for your payment each month, the sooner you will have to pay it all off. You can actually call your credit company and ask if they offer lower interest rates if you will pay for a bigger amount for your monthly payments. If not, surely it won’t hurt asking for other alternatives in order to settle out your debt the soonest.

Most importantly, stick to the plan that you come up with and make sure to stop adding more charges and purchases with your credit cards.

Car Loan Payoff Calculator: 5 Simple Steps for Calculation Your Car Loan Payoff

Unlike in past, owning a car nowadays is no longer considered as a luxury but it has been already a necessity. Besides that, cars nowadays have a lot of variations and types, as well as their mode of function. Nonetheless, purchasing a car, especially new ones or even second-hand quality cars still to be expensive. Hence, most people would opt for car loans in order to finance the purchase.

Car loans are secured loan programs. Hence, in order for you to completely release the collateralized lien on a car, you would have to pay the loan in full. Most people tend to think that calculating a payoff can be challenging and complicated. However, this is entirely possible without even using a car loan payoff calculator. All you need to have are the auto loan paperwork and the loan statement, as well as a reliable scientific calculator.

  1. To begin with, you can use this formula for computation like a car loan payoff calculator:
    • M=P (J/1-[1+J]^-N)
    • Where M is the monthly payment.
    • P is the principal loan amount
    • J is the interest in decimal form
    • And N is the term of the loan in months (divide the interest rate by 1200 to get the decimal form)
  2. Next, just simply substitute or put in the values denoted by the formula. For this scenario, let’s say you have a $30,000 car loan for 50 months at 5% interest. Hence, your data should look like this:
    • M=30,000 (.004/1 – [1+.004]^-50)
  3. After that, multiply the monthly payment value by the total remaining months of the loan.
  4. Just to make sure you don’t miss any other interest on your computation, it is best you check out with your lender and ask if there are any capitalized interests for the loan. The capitalized interest increases if there are any late payments you’ve made for the loan. If there is any, you should add this to the value we have in step 3.
  5. comparing car loan payoff calculator values

    comparing car loan payoff calculator values

  6. Now that you computation is done, request for the official payoff statement from your lender. Ensure that your calculation is the same with the lender’s calculation.  If there are discrepancies, be sure to talk with your loan officer to have the payoff statement reviewed.

Boat Loan Interest Rates: Factors to Securing the Loan

Most people say that sailing is one of the best hobbies one can do but of course you need a good quality boat in order to this hobby. Boats for sailing or just boats in general are not exactly sold cheap. However, it is possible to get one through boat loans.

Nowadays, it’s not that easy to get a boat loan as most lenders don’t easily lend to such luxury items. Nonetheless, getting a boat loan is not impossible. There are some other important factors you should consider before getting the loan besides the boat loan interest rates.

Credit Score

Your credit score is the most vital factor in getting a boat loan. Prior to applying for the loan, make sure you check your credit rating and make corrections the soonest if there are any errors. A credit score at least low 700s should be your goal. Make sure to tidy up your credit report if possible- make sure to increase your credit limits if you can, in that way, your debt/credit ratio is below 50% on each of your credit cards thus increasing your credit score. Having a good to excellent credit score not only likely gets you the loan but as well as it might help get you great boat loan interest rates.

Trust Your Broker

Find a broker/lender you trust and stick with them if you can- it only seems fair to give commissions if they are doing most of the work. Nonetheless, make sure to let them know that you are aware of competitor’s rates and expect them to meet within those rates.

Type of Boat

It is important that the lender knows the type of boat you are buying. Lenders are not easily giving loans to sailors but with an excellent credit and valid documents to back you up, as well as a good broker, there shouldn’t be much fuss to trouble with.

No Credit Check Mortgages: Things You Should Know About Streamline Mortgages

If you are considering getting a new home or buying one, then you must have already searched for homes having low mortgage and interest rates. It is easy to apply for such mortgages if you have all the required documents and qualifications, most significantly a good or excellent credit score.

Get Your Dream Home with No Credit Check Mortgage

Get Your Dream Home with No Credit Check Mortgage

However, in reality there are lots of aspiring home owners who don’t have enough documents or either they have poor or bad credit scores, or they don’t have a credit history at all. For these people, the most ideal thing to do is to look for no credit check mortgages.

There are various no credit check mortgages in the market today. However, the most renowned is the streamline mortgage. Streamline mortgages are refinances of existing, insured mortgages-usually through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or the Veteran’s Administration (VA). This type of loan is “streamlined” and requires less paperwork and fewer procedures to complete the refinancing.

Conditions for the Loan:

  • Borrower should have a good standing FHA or VA loan for at least 12 months
  • Main purpose should be reducing the borrower’s rate and payment
  • No cash may be withdrawn as part of the refinancing of the mortgage

Benefits of Streamline Mortgage:

  • No credit check is required but the loan payment history is checked
  • No appraisals
  • No income or employment information is needed

Restrictions of the Loan:

  • In order to avail of “no-appraisal refinances”, it is required that the loan should not exceed the original loan amount
  • You can only use the no-appraisal process to refinance investment property
  • Borrower should be on active-duty or a prior service veteran if using the VA streamline loan

Risks of Streamlining

  • Since there’s no credit check whether the borrower is in debt, the borrower is expected to pay the standard monthly mortgage rate.
  • “No-cost” refinancing, over time, pay well more in interest rather than paying the closing costs and transaction fees up front.

Key Bank Student Loans: Knowing More About Them

We all know that education is one of the most important investments we should make in our life. However, financing for education nowadays has become more and more expensive that is why some students would try to get scholarships and grants in order to finance for their schooling.

Another option is to apply for student loans and financial aids. Student loans are created in order to help students finance for their tuition, books, and living expenses. This is totally different from other loans since the interest rates given are much lower and payments are deferred until the student is no longer in school or has graduated.

One of the most recognized student loans are is the Key Bank student loans. Key Bank among other banks offering student loans ensures that they offer good deals when it comes to protecting the students’ educational future.

There are two major categories of Key Bank student loans. One is the Federal Key Bank student loans. This type of loan enables you to have all the benefits and security of having the Key Bank as your main lender. At the same time, you will also receive all associated benefits given by your federal loan. Since there are a lot options you may choose for federal loans, you just simply select the one that fits your needs.

The other category is the Private Key Bank student loans. If the federal loan options don’t seem to cover up all your student financial needs and expenses, then you should consider getting this one.

The 3 Categories of Private Key Bank Student Loans:

  1. Key Alternative Loan
    • Fills up the gap between your expenses and the federal student loans you availed for.
    • Qualifications/Requirements:
      • Have to be enrolled for at least half time of the semester
      • A good credit score
    • Amount ranges from $500-$125,000.
  2. Achiever Loan
    • If somebody else would sponsor for your education financially (i.e. parents, families, or other sponsors).
    • Easy to apply.  No need to pay for application or processing fees.
    • Applications can be done online and easily get credit decision.
  3. Key Career Loan
  • Offered for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • For career enhancement training or continuing education programs
  • Great for attending institutions and colleges in a part-time basis; weekend and evening classes are also honored
  • Can be use to buy a personal computer hardware or software.

    So, there goes all the categories and options you can get from Key Bank student loans. Whichever you choose, make sure you have carefully plan your decision and be able to pay for the loan later on.

    Best Start Up Businesses: Cost-Effective and Easy to Start Businesses

    We all know that even after the recession, the economy is still in hard times. Each and every employee still fears of being laid off from their jobs as means of the company for cost-cutting measures. Indeed, it would be very hard working when you are uncertain on when or until when you can have your job. Hence, most people think of just starting their own business instead of being employed.

    Best Start Up Businesses That Requires Little Capital

    Best Start Up Businesses That Requires Little Capital

    Most common fear of people when starting up a business is the startup budget.  Thoughts like, “Would my money be enough?” “What happens if it won’t succeed?” and the like. These hesitations are normal however you shouldn’t focus more on what problems may come but how you’ll deal with them. Luckily, there are a lot of startup businesses out there that don’t require much money to begin with.

    So, what are the best start up businesses out there? Look no further; here are just a few of the best start up businesses that you may want to consider:

    • Carpet Cleaning Business

    A lot of homes and businesses have carpeting that requires a deep cleaning in a regular basis. You may be able to use up your startup money for renting machines and equipments for carpet-cleaning at your local store. Don’t forget to market your business: print fliers, put up ads on paper, offer promos and discounts, and make sure your pricing is standard like other carpet-cleaning services.

    • Construction Cleanup

    After a construction project is done, it is expected to have a lot of cleanup to be done. Construction companies and contractors need crews to do the job. The job entails sweeping out buildings, hauling debris, cleaning up scraps of wood, nails, and wrappers. When you’re done with the cleanup, you have to unload it at the local dump, so don’t forget to ask for a dump fee beforehand.

    • Lawn Maintenance Business

    If you have a “green thumb” or you know the basics of lawn and gardening, and you have the tools for it, you can easily start up this business. Typical services you could offer would include mowing, edging, and raking.

    • Child Day Care

    If you are good in handling children, you could start up this business right away. Nonetheless, there are certain states that will require license from the individual that is caring for more than a certain number of children. Check with your local and state governments if this would apply to you and get the necessary documents if required.

    • Party Planner

    If you are good in management and planning, you are ideal for this type of business. This job entails arranging an event such as birthday parties, corporate events, conventions, festivals, as well as reunions. This business requires little or no capital at all. Of course, you need to market your business by postings through local bulletin boards, handing out flyers and the like.  Make sure you have standard rates comparable to others in the market.

    Student Loan Payoff Calculator: Doing It Manually in 5 Steps!

    The price of education has gone more and more expensive nowadays. Hence, students are taking chances on getting financial grants and scholarships from either private and government institutions. Unfortunately, most of these grants and scholarships are either need-based, academic excellence, or minority group focused.  In result, most average middle class families and students take refuge on student loans to pay for their education.

    One of the most notable student loans offered by the government is the Stafford loans. This type of loan can either be subsidized or unsubsidized. The main difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans is that subsidized loans do not accumulate interest until they are in payment. However, despite all these programs, a lot of students would like to know the truth behind how much they will need to pay for each month.

    Following the steps below, you don’t need to have a student loan payoff calculator to get the desired data:

    1. To get the interest rate per month, you must first divide the annual interest rate by 12.  (ia= annual interest rate; im=interest rate per month; ia/12=im). For instance, a student has a loan of $20,000 with 5.2% interest rate (5.2/12=0.00433), this gives us 0.00433 interest rate per month.
    2. Next, add 1 to the interest per month, then raise the result by the power of the negative amount of total payments. For instance, the loan is payable in 15 years, there would 180 payments (15*12).  (1+.004333)^-180=0.45945.
    3. From the number calculated in step 2, subtract 1 from it. (1-.45945=0.54055).
    4. Then, you need to multiply the interest rate per month by the loan amount. ($20,000 * 0.00433=86.6).
    5. Finally, divide the number calculated in step 4 by the number calculated in step 3. (86.6/0.54055=$160.21), this would be the amount you would pay each month to pay off the loan in 15 years.

    Now, you can start prioritizing and budgeting your money in able to pay off this debt and avoid future issues. See how easy it is to calculate your monthly student loan payment even without a student loan payoff calculator.

    Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread: The All-Season Tires

    Most drivers and car enthusiasts say that a car’s endurance is as good as its tires. No matter how good or strong your car is, if the tire breaks or easily gives away, your car wouldn’t be able to go on further without a spare tire.

    Even if you do have a spare tire, if this has the same quality and make of the broken one. It is still bound to break sooner or later.

    You are lucky if you have OEM tires that are durable and are long-lasting. However, we all know that most OEM tires are not sufficient enough to be able to handle the stress that we give to our cars. About a year or less than a year, we know would have to replace these tires.

    This is a different thing with the Goodyear assurance triple tread. These tires are dubbed as the most ideal companion for your prized car. These tires are great in handling wet and dry weather and have relatively quiet, long tread life. They have as well an 80,000-mile warranty, and are amazingly quieter on the road. These tires are ideally used for family coupes, sedans, and minivans.

    On the outside, the Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread radials have a directional tread design with a dry road zone showcasing stable shoulder blocks to provide confident maneuvering on dry roads.

    You can order the Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread online at the Goodyear official website or at the any certified Goodyear tire dealers. Prices differ upon tire sizes but they range from $111 to $209 each. It may be a bit pricey than other brands but this is definitely a good investment you should go for.

    Dissecting the Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread

    Features of the Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread

    When getting your tires, either online or in outlet stores, do make sure they have a posted certification that indicates they are authorized dealers for Goodyear. Don’t risk your money in getting your tires from unauthorized dealers so as to avoid inconvenience and problems later on.

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